Marubeni Corporation and Marubeni America Corporation (collectively “Marubeni”) and Magellan Aviation Group LLLP (“Magellan”) have finalized the Partnership Agreement whereby Marubeni now has controlling interest over Magellan.

Magellan and its subsidiaries are leading aftermarket suppliers of aviation products and services. The Company engages in the purchase, leasing, disassembly, sales and distribution of both commercial and regional aircraft, engines and spare parts which are required in their maintenance by airlines and maintenance facilities (MROs).

The aviation industry is expected to show steady growth in the long term, due to increasing demand in emerging countries and Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) which are gaining strength. Consequently, spare engine and parts requirements for both airlines and maintenance providers (MROs) are also expected to grow in the future.

Marubeni is a general trading company involved in world-wide business activities in a wide-range of fields. In the aviation sector, Marubeni has the extensive experience in providing sales agency services for commercial aircraft, business jets and engines, investing in engine development programs, aircraft leasing, engine leasing, and various other services including aircraft components, airport ground handling services, and so on. By entering into the aviation parts trading and lease business, Marubeni strengthens its comprehensive range of services to airlines around the world, and furthers its contribution to the aviation industry.