ELNO specialises in the design and manufacture of communication systems for harsh environments.

Years of technological know-how and strong capability for innovation make ELNO the preferred partner of leading players in Defence and Public Security, Transport, Aeronautics and Industry. French pioneer and front-runner in the production of high-quality sound and Public Address Systems, ELNO has become a supplier of choice in more than 40 countries around the world. ELNO is active in three strategic markets: Defence, Transport and Aeronautics. With its understanding of the issues, technical expertise and capacity to take on large-scale projects, ELNO guarantees it’s clients lasting partnerships and reliable solutions.

ELNO is the leading specialist in Passenger Information Systems. Aware of the associated issues, notably concerning passenger security in public places, the company is a leader in sound equipment for railway stations and airports.

ELNO is a preferred partner of manufacturers looking for advanced acoustical products. Working closely with its clients, ELNO offers a wide range of equipment for use in innovative intercom and telecommunications solutions in public transport and air traffic control among other industries. ELNO has particularly been involved in the fulfillment of its clients’ security requirements as far as aircraft manufacturers and air carriers are concerned for many years.

LEM is the division of ELNO that produces the M83 series of microphones used on many platforms including Airbus, ATR, Dassaut and SAAB such as the M83P1801A and M83P1801APL68.

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