Regarding a public announcement made on Feb 13, 2019

“We recently saw a public announcement that we, Marubeni Corporation and Chinese partner, signed a contract to establish a joint venture. We would like to clarify, with regard to our business in China, we are considering several various possibilities, and have started discussions with several potential partners. At this stage, there is no official decision for an exclusive partner in China, once we do make that decision, we will put out a joint press release together with our partner.”

With roots dating back over 30 years, Magellan Aviation Group has become an internationally known provider of aftermarket aviation products and services to the commercial and regional airline industries.  Magellan provides quality airframe and engine parts, aircraft and engine sales and leasing, as well as inventory management and consignment programs. 

Serving more than 775 customers in 80 countries, Magellan Aviation Group continues to develop industry-leading programs for the regional and commercial aviation sectors.  Our dynamic lease pool of engines offers options for short- and long-term contracts for a broad range of customers.

Our goal is to provide timely and economical solutions for our customers and partners within the industry. We strive to achieve positive results and provide integrated aviation support services to the global airline industry.