Operating out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Shannon, Ireland, and with satellite offices located all over the world, Magellan Aviation Group is a leading global supplier of aircraft products and services and a specialist in engine leasing and trading. We are capable of supporting three segments of the air transport industry: commuter/regional turbo-prop, regional jet, and commercial narrow- and wide-body. Working closely with our customers throughout the world, we provide the most comprehensive and valuable support possible.

Serving more than 775 customers in 80 countries, Magellan Aviation Group continues to develop industry-leading programs for the regional and commercial aviation sectors. Further, our ever-growing and dynamic lease pool of engines offers options for short- and long-term contracts for a broad range of customers.

Our goal is to provide timely and economical solutions for our customers and partners within an industry that is constantly plagued by cycles and downturns. We strive to achieve positive results and provide integrated aviation support services to the global airline industry.